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Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July

By Maia

I love the 4th of July. I love everything about it! I especially love the fireworks. They completely brighten my day! Ever since I came to camp, I haven't been able to see any fireworks and it makes me sad, but this year, I am determined to see some. I don't know how I'm going to, but I am giong to find a way. Maybe I won't see any this year at camp, but I know I'll see some soon. I love fireworks!

Cool "Mashup" Words

By Naomi

Brawesome: A brunette who is awesome

Blawesome: A blonde who is awesome

Pawesome: Perfect and awesome

Confuzzeled: Confused and Puzzled

Indeed: (not a mashup just my favorite word (: )

What Every Camper Wants in a Package

By Naomi

What every camper wants in a package is the list you look at while making a package.
-personal stuffed animals
-pictures of pets and family
-candy (too bad it's not allowed!)
-nailpolish remover and nail polish
-more stamps and stationary
-mighty beans and friendship bracelets
-anything we have asked you to send us!

p.s Visitors Day is on July 10th!

Camp Ramah in California (madlibs)

By Talya

Camp Ramah in California is  the (adjective) camp that we go to every Summer. We (adjective)

 lots of (adjective) activities and we (verb) in our tents. We eat (adjective) food, such as (type of food).

Sometimes we feel homesick, but mostly we are (adjective) that our parents aren't there. At the end of

camp, we have a big (noun) called Dalia. There, we (verb) and (verb) with our edah. We have lots of fun,

and we are always (adjective) to go home.

ADAT SHALOM stands for...

By Talya



"Amitzim Buddy Ropes" by Nathan W.

My buddies and I went to climb the ropes course
I was so excited my mouth was hoarse

I was going strong
So far nothing was feeling wrong

And that is how I climbed the ropes course

Friday, July 1, 2011

Rain the Fairy Princess

Poem by Maia Nagle

Once upon a time in the land called Alain
Lived a little fairy princess whose name was Rain

She loved to sing and dance and run all around
Until she hurt herself by falling on the ground

She was usually happy and excited and not scared
Except for that one scary time when she got dared

To sing and dance to a song she didn't like
And then she fell and broke her bike

Something strange started to happen that she couldn't explain
Something that hadn't happened to anyone since the founding of Alain

The little fairy princess started to grow wings
And she could carry so much stuff including really heavy things

She told her dad who was the king of every fairy
And he told her he knew it must be very scary

When she was done growing her wings and becoming a true fairy
She was so happy and everyone was very merry

She became the queen of Alain and ruled quite well
And Rain completely forgot about how she fell